Course Outlines

  • Development of vocal techniques
  • Mastering vocal breathing
  • Muscle control and breath support
  • Mastering vocal projection
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Building tonal quality
  • Seamless connection of registers
  • Singing diction
  • Musical phrasing, pitch control, and dynamics
  • Introduction to "Bel Canto" and "Spinto" techniques
  • Vocal health, endurance, and longevity
  • Developing your repertoire
  • Stage presence
  • Concert practice

Teaching Studio

School goal

Participation in auditions for music conservatories, universities, and professional agents. Participation in international competitions. Participation in future concerts, operas, musical shows, and establishing a professional career.

Lyutsina Kazachenko with her students Mahanaim University, Long Island

Minimum age

Participants Ages: from 12 till adult.


Santa Clara County, CA 25 miles from San Francisco