Studio Goals

The goal during our vocal lessons is the healthy development of vocal abilities and the creative potential of one's personality. By studying in our studio you can improve and understand your voice, widen the vocal range, develop the breathing, coordinate the hearing and the voice, and master the classical vocal techniques. You will also receive a priceless experience of communicating with the public.

By participating in our vocal recitals, you will get to know the range of vocal genre from classical to modern music.

Voice Placement

A placement of voice is possible for absolutely any person with any given natural abilities. It means everybody's voice can be made strong, bright and expressive. Your voice will not get tired during long spoken or vocal presentation. It will reach the farthest corners of the auditorium or a concert hall.

Voice placement is needed for you if:

  • - Your profession involves public performances.
  • - You want your voice to sound strong and beautiful.
  • - You want to make singing your profession.
  • - You want to learn to sing for yourself.

Teaching Studio

Lyutsina Kazachenko

  • Former Vocal teacher at St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov
  • Conservatory of Music
  • Taught master classes at Western Michigan University 1999
  • Taught master classes at Andrews University, Michigan 1999
  • Taught master classes at Conservatory of Naples, Italy 2000
  • Member of Music Teachers Association of San Francisco 2002
  • Private vocal lessons in San Francisco and Manhattan, NY since 2002
  • Taught master classes at St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory of Music 2008
  • Taught master classes at Mahanaim University, Huntington, NY 2009


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    Lyutsina's student Kalpana Chinnappan during preparation for Elena Obraztsova International Competition for Young Opera Singers.

Leo Ostrovsky

Ostrovsky was accepted to the Julliard School of Music at age 16, making him one of the youngest students ever admitted to the legendary music conservatory. He graduated in 1987 with honors, and pursued a solo career in Europe, performing extensively in Italy, Austria, Germany and Britain. His engagements in the United States span both coasts, with many radio and television appearances, including "Good Morning America." He has composed more than 200 works for piano, voice and orchestra.

Pianist, composer and arranger Lev Ostrovsky provides coaching and concert preparation to advanced Students.

Leo Ostrovsky with Maestro Rostropovich.